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Videos of Jazztopia

Trio de Jazz com repertório de swing e bossa nova para festas e eventos

Watch some videos of the band Jazztopia – trio and jazz quartet.

All videos by Marcos Brailko, a professional photographer in Rio.

Come and enjoy the magic of Jazz Retro with Jazztopia Quartet! The jazz band with a repertoire inspired by Woody Allan’s films, sometimes unconventional arrangements of some of the best songs of the thirties, forties and fifties, and at the same time focus on the “easy going” swing – a band “Cool Jazz “. The utopias of the twenties are present in this jazz reading that brings poetry, simplicity and elegance.

Musicians of the band “Jazztopia”

Wolfram Goebel, the band’s founder, plays the tenor sax, with rich Texas Tenors sound. He was one of the founders of the event “Jazz at The Maze” in 2006 at the home of cameraman and journalist Bob Nadkarni. He recently gave a show there, reliving the origins of the event.

Lennart Goebel, who commands on keyboards, graduated as an architect in Berlin and studied Hammond Organ with Ralf Ruh at the Jazz School Berlin. Twelve years ago he came to Rio, was enchanted by the landscape and has been developing his design and music project in Rio de Janeiro.

Bruno Collyer, trained in classical music, fell in love with jazz and joined the group a few years ago. The elegance and lightness of his style on the double bass are exceptional.

Mário Lencina from Uruguay turned Jazz nights in Barcelona with the best bands in the nineties and brings this spirit of passion and creativity from this unforgettable city of Antoni Gaudi to Rio.


The band Jazztopia presents itself in Rio, and in the cities of the Serra, as São Pedro da Serra, Lumiar and Nova Friburgo. It is part of the project Music in the Museum, and has appeared in many events such as weddings, for example in the National History Museum of Rio de Janeiro.

In Lumiar’s Lake Square, children spontaneously started dancing – a sign that this strand of jazz music is not reserved exclusively for intellectuals. It’s a popular song for everyone to enjoy, dance and enjoy – as it was back in the thirties!

  • Casa da Alemanha “OliAle” Praia de Leblon
  • Inauguração PronoCal Group, Jóquei Club
  • Inauguração Wintershall, Ipanema
  • Centro Cultural Banco do Brasil
  • Hotel Santa Teresa
  • Hotel Emiliano – Copacabana
  • Soho Rio – Marina da Glória
  • Charleston Bubble Lounge;
  • Social Wieninger;
  • Bota Restaurante – Marina da Glória
  • Rio Design Leblon
  • Rio Design Barra
  • ACRJ
  • Centro Cultural Light
  • Academia Brasileira de Filosofia
  • Inauguração do Consulado Alemão e Residência do Cônsul Geral da Alemanha no Rio de Janeiro;
  • Festival Independente de Jazz Lumiar (Lumiar Bier Pub) e São Pedro da Serra (Espaço Bistro);
  • Clube de Jazz Nova Friburgo